Thursday, August 20, 2015

OTHER: Growing Herbs

This blog is mainly about my craft work, but another passion of mine is gardening. (Yes, as my sister says, I was born granny!). I haven't done a lot of gardening this year, due to, well, bad weather, and not being in the right mind-set. I've been trying to design a small foraging garden, where nearly everything is either edible, medicinal, or in some way useful. Easier said than done! Our weather is mild, but extremely damp, and when those Wild Atlantic Winds blow, you can taste the salt on your skin. My veg beds leave a lot to be desired, but my herb garden is thriving.

There is a lovely little farmers market in Dingle, on Friday mornings, and a friend set up a stall this year, selling local, organic produce. For local gardeners, who might have a small glut of produce. It is a lovely idea, and I have been bringing down cuttings of my herbs most weeks. A variety of mints, lemon-balm, sage, rosemary, oregano, etc. I need to cut these plants back anyway, so it is lovely to have an outlet to pass them on! I usually swop them for new plants, more mints and edible lovelies, I can plant in the garden. My plan is to make a 'tea garden' with a range of lovely herbs with which to make teas. As I am mostly caffeine free these days, its lovely to make my own combinations.

There is nothing more calming or soothing then sitting out with a cuppa, of ones own making, listening to the bees, buzzing through the flowers.

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