Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dream Gathering and Galway Arts Festival

 Dream Gathering - Ireland

Just back from this festival, Dream Gathering, in Cork. The first festival I've been to in many years where I wasn't working. It was a nice low key event, slightly haphazardly organised and delayed (due to having to apply for a licence at the last min!). But, it was cheap enough, so we didn't mind too much. It was close to a friends house, so had Option B, if festival or weather was crap, we could scarper.
It was very pleasant, with good weather, lovely compost toilets (highlight of the festival!), fantastic kids zone, with activities to keep the little buggers occupied all day. The best kids area I've seen at a festival, different kinds of workshops and shows throughout the day, all free, with brilliant acts from Cork Circus.

Its like there was 2 different festivals going on, the family friendly daytime, and the crazy overly techno night-time, which was, thankfully, confined to the woods on the edge of the festival. Lots of dreads (as in hair), and 'I've been to India and bought the baggy trousers' types. A bit strange at times, with hoards of West Cork hippies, eg English, German, Spanish, Czech, etc.., in attendance, with Irish accents in the minority.

No pictures, because I didn't want to be on guard all the time with my good camera, and don't have a good camera phone. I have to admit, I found it hard to take the work hat off. I found it difficult to just chill and do nothing, and could see lots of possible decor opportunities. Maybe next year...

The cars unpacked with all the camping gear and scruffy clothes, and now its full of cleaner and slightly posher (only very slightly posher) clothes, because I'm off to hobnob with the artistic greats, to the Galway Arts Festival, and a friends wedding at the weekend. Getting all my socialising and holidays over with.

I've made nothing all week (can feel the fiddlyitious starting), but scribbling thoughts hastily down in my notebook, of possible projects and plans. I find the best ideas come to me, either when I am totally engrossed in work, or actually, far away from it.

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