Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Feile Project (As yet officially untitled )

Above is a hint of what I have been up to, among other things, over the past fortnight. I'm delighted to have been asked by Feile na Bealtaine to create a visual display, (instillation, don't ya know), as part of this years festival. The theme of the parade is Children's Literature, a lovely theme indeed, and golly, wide open to interpretation.

This As yet Officially Untitled, (or unofficially 'The Feile Project')  project is working along the same theme as the parade, but will be in the town park for the duration of the Festival. I'll be working  with 2 other great Dingle artists, Deirdre McKenna and Silke Mitchels. Together we'll be creating a parade in the park, a treasure trove of tales, mysterious minglings of beautiful books...etc.

I dont want to give too much away, but the above mass of paper maché bits and bobs will be dreamed together into something....or some story.

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