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National Circus Festival of Ireland 2013

National Circus Festival, Tralee, 2013 from Rory Kirby on Vimeo.

Last blog post catch up of 2013. The last gig I did last year was for the National Circus Festival of Ireland (previously known as the Tralee Circus Festival). My second year doing the decor for the Festival Club of the festival. As is my love, the theme was handmade or vintage, with a circus, stage, playing card theme...

I've always loved playing card games. Well really, I love most games that you play in real time, with real people. Boardgames, card gamers, anything that involves a bottle of wine, a lot of slagging and ultimate world domination. For several years now, I have been collecting playing cards. It happened quite by accident. Friends who went traveling brought me back a pack as a present (cheap and easy to carry), and so other friends started bringing me back cards too. Now, when I travel I buy playing cards as souvenirs. I'll do a blog post sometime on my cards. I've a Playing Card board on Pinterest, if you too, are a card lover...

lino cut print of Jack

Back to the Circus Festival. Of course I was so busy making stuff for the festival, and then a mad day of set up, mad night of partying (such a hard life), and then a quick take down, I didn't get many photos... Heres some of the shenanigans that goes on at the  Festival Club. Its a wild night of performance, band, DJs and dancing... circus style.

Mad performances

 glow poi and hand stands!

Everything I made is now packed away in storage, I am loath to pull it all out to photograph again. I will edit this post over the next few months and add in more photos.
I hand painted 3 fabric banners. These are large, about the size of a bath towel. I love the patterns of the clothes on traditional playing cards. Each of these represent a King (photo missing, will edit and add in later), Queen and Jack. I didn't add the which suit they are, but if you know your cards, you should be able to figure out which suit they are!! (Here's a clue: only one Jack holds a leaf, only one Queen holds a stave..)

Fabric Banner of Jack

Fabric Banner: Queen

 I also painted a Smoking Joker banner, along with signage, highlighting the Smoking Area
Yes, I have a love of signs.

I stenciled some lengths of paper to make some playing card themed wallpaper

Playing Card Bunting, with hand painted Circus Banner and handmade circus shadow puppets in background. (And of course Jerry Fish and the Mud Club)

 Fluffy clouds with heart and doily hot air balloon

 Extra large furry dice,which sadly, didn't come home with me. I'll have to make another set, so I can photograph them properly.  Instead they went to a new home, a lady who goes by the name of Dice Lady.

I had an interesting conversation with an Australian man, whilst I was in the middle of setup. He liked my furry dice, and asked where did I buy them. I said they're handmade. He said oh, I thought you bought them in a dime shop or something. I proceeded to rant that they took me a day to make, and how no-one appreciates sewing and craft! Even if they had been made in China, they are still handmade, and that person doesn't not deserve a slave wage, etc,etc... He just said, yeah, I guess, if they were from China the dots would have been glued on. I said no, they were lovingly sewn on, individually, over several hours... 
He just looked at me like I was mad. Me and my handmade, recycled, sustainable, fairtrade ethics..

So, last post of 2013! Now I can catch up with my exciting 2014 news...

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