Friday, January 24, 2014

Lá le Bríde

Coffee morning and Bridget Cross making in aid of Irish Seed Savers Association

Each year on Lá le Bríde, I make St. Bridget's crosses. I've blogged on The Woolly Way blog previously about Lá le Bríde, and of course blogged here on this blog. Its one of my favourite old Irish traditions, and I always have a cross in my house for luck. Of course, what I love even better, is making crosses with other people. So this year I'll be at a coffee morning fundraiser and making crosses organised by Transition Towns Corca Dhuibhne in aid of the Irish Seed Savers Association.

Irish Seed Savers Association is in dire trouble, if it does not raise sufficient funds it will, in all likelihood, close down. They are a vital and undervalued resource, which will be devastating to the sustainable growth of Ireland. We are losing all our heritage seeds and crops to big multinationals 'hybrid' seeds. If they had their way it would be illegal to buy any seed that isn't theirs. So saving the Irish Seedsavers Association is very, very important, to me, to Ireland, and to our future.

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