Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The 6th International Biennial Exhibition on Mini Textile, Ukraine

In all the hecticness of the past few weeks, I'd completely forgotten about the Scythia Exhibition! It opened last night in the Ukraine. Obviously I didn't attend, but I'm delighted my little piece of my embroidery is part of this exhibition
I've realised there are far more opportunities to exhibit abroad (where textiles is a very respected artform) than there is in Ireland. With the cost of travel soaring, couriering pieces to the Ukraine now costs the same amount as driving to Dublin. So I am looking more and more internationally, and sadly less and less at home for opportunities.

I particularly liked this exhibition because it did not cost you to enter. You only paid if you were accepted. The monies going directly to the exhibition and a catalogue being published. Too often now, you must pay to submit an entry to an exhibition. I get it costs money to put on an exhibition but, for example, the Crafts Council are asking for €15 to submit to a textile exhibition they are hosting at the next Knitting and Stitching Show. I mean, really, €15? Is it not their (well-paid) job to organise and promote craft? Do they charge other crafts, such as ceramics, basketmakers to host events? They say it is because of the high entry levels. But I find this a disappointing reason, and it means they are making more money.

Why €15, and what exactly is it going towards? Having just come out of a project, where my questions about where the money was going, were not only unanswered, but I was made to feel bad for asking them, I think its about time, we all stood up and asked, where exactly is this money going?

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