Wednesday, June 12, 2013

End of Studio Sale!

6 months after moving into my lovely studio, I have decided to move out. There are several reasons why, and most of them are just plain boring, so I wont dwell on it. I feel the time, energy and money it costs me to have the studio could be put to better use. I'm trying to get efficient in my middle-age-dom!!

When I told the child, he was upset. Mainly because he can't deal with my mess from working at home. And he's right! I have far too much stuff. Tools and materials which I have been gathering in a vague dreamy way. Every item at the time, vitally important and useful!!

So, I have decided its time to cut loose the baggage of stuff, which has been weighing me down physically, more than mentally. Its time to let go, and the proceedings will go towards fundraising for a permanent workspace at home.

I'm selling them for a very reasonable price, as I would rather they went to a good home, then to my attic. It'll be first come first serve, so if you are interested in any of these items, please contact me to view!
Most of the items are too big for postage, and will have to be collected.

  • Brother KH-260 Knitting machine  €250   with Knit Leader, Ribber, Intarsia Carriage, all the original accessories and a bag of knitting machine magazines. (Lots of dodgy 70's mags, but still, some good instructions!). All in good working order.
  • Jones KH-800 Lace knitting machine   €100  with all original accessories. I havent used this much. The plain knit works fine, the lace carriage sticks a bit. Could just need a good clean or service. Comes with punch cards and puncher.
  • Batik Wax Melting Pot €100  My beloved yet unused wax melting pot... will throw in some wax and a djanting too
  •  Spinning Wheel €200    Antique, beautiful wheel. Needs a little bit of care and attention.
  • Soldering Iron €10    
  • Adjustable Tailors Dummy €50
  • Easel €20
Textile Materials:
  • 3 bags of mixed fabric €20 -  good for patchwork and other small sewing projects
  • Selection of yarn on cones €2 per cone- mostly fine yarns. Suitable for lace knitting/crochet, or mixing for tapestry

Other things:
  • 30m x 30 plastic green tarp €20
  • 5kg Flame Retardant spray €30
  • Selection of small wooden frames €5 each
  • Paper bags

Selection of Weird and Wonderful things I have made:
  • 2 Skeletal cats 2 skeletal flamingos €50 each or €150 for the lot
  • Papermache 3D sequenced hearts with cardboard wings €10 each
  • Selection of crios, bags, knots, brooches, etc. Can be bought individually or as a lot

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