Sunday, March 10, 2013

Milan, Studios, and bartering love...

It's been over a month since my last blog post. This is dreadful, my New Years resolution to post at least once a week only lasted, well a few weeks! I have been very lax, but I've also been busy so I guess that's OK. 

Tickets are booked for Milan! I am so excited about this, its hard to describe. I am cleaning up my memory cards, as I expect myself to go Japanese, and take pictures of EVERYTHING!

I've been working hard getting my studio in order. We've had a few meitheals, and the Goat Street Studios are shaping up well. I'll be plotting and planning a variety of courses to run during the summer. Some of these I'll teach, others I'm happy just to organise. So if there is any workshops you'd like to see organised, please get in touch.

I'm very involved in the Transition Towns group here in Dingle, and in the spirit of community, sustainability and alternative economies, etc, etc, I'll be also glad to organise workshops and events that are be environmental and barter based. I love me a good barter! And as a queen hoarder and recycler, I'm itching to start spreading the upcycle love.

There will be workshops and classes run by my fellow artists too. We have life drawing classes running every Thursday. Anyone interested in attending, get in contact.

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