Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wrens Day in Dingle 2012

A bit belated, but have just posted a few pics of The Wren onto Flickr
Our first time taking part in the Wren; a day of music, marching, mischief, and a lot of drinking. 

I have always wanted to see it. To be living in Dingle and not see the Wren, is crazy. But up until now I've always left the county for Christmas, heading up to the folks house in Co. Mayo. Truth be told, I've wanted to make the outfits for the strawboys. Maybe next year I'll get the chance, and will have to brush up on the ole tin whistle too.

We gatecrashed the Goat Street Wren seeing how my studio is there, and indeed one of my favourite pubs, McCarthy's. The child didn't last too long, one march round the town, one pub visit and his friends and attention span were gone. But it was a lovely day, and it was great to be able to take part. (Even if the majority of people were dressed up slightly crazy, Saddam Hussein and Honey Monster masks being the preferred choice...)


Gerryberry said...

Hi I was at the Wren's Day in Dingle a few years ago, highlight of my Christmas. It was just great.

Stitchlily said...

Its a great day. Though I think when the little man is big enough to play a few tunes on the whistle, he'll enjoy it more