Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Post Dingle Harvest Picnic with the Kerry Bicycle Festival!

Incredible! That is the only way to describe the day that was the Dingle Harvest Picnic. We had sunshine, kids on bikes, chilled out parents, workshops, talks, and SUNSHINE!! Its amazing what a sunny day does to Irish people these days. It was almost overwhelming, to be able to organise something outdoors, and not have it cancelled or moved because of bad weather...We had an escorted cycle around the marina and town before heading up to the town park for a day of fun and frolics. Talks, workshops, music, and even the match (Del-boy style, a TV on top of a van!)

So here's a few pics of the day

 Bike Maintenance Talk with Paddy's Bike Shop

Cycle Safety Talk 

Daffodil Planting

We even had penguins and dragons show up!

Bike Art and some seriously cool bikes...

Mairead and I had great fun all day with the kids during the Bike Bling Workshop. Thought it was more of a self service blinging session.

Some serious blinging going on...

 I made a few things to display around the park. Bike Wheel Arty things, dont know what to call them. Variants of one I made for last years festival. These 2 are now on their way to decorate the walls of a bike shop in Dublin.

You know me for taking things too literally, so I made a bicycle chain. Made from rusty florist wire I have kept for years (knowing one day it would come in handy). I made a load of these little rusty bicycles, and they were hanging out of the trees around the park. Impossible to photograph! They were like spiders, and were catching on peoples hair, now that's interactive art!

Another piece of interactive bike art were my embroidered wheels. You had to pick up the wheels to read them. Though I don't think many people noticed, they prob just thought they were left over from the maintenance talk...Again, impossible to photograph! I think I'll have to put them on a bike and film them going round so you can read them properly. I have become a little obsessed with embroidery from doing the Embroidered Digital Commons Project, and I couldn't decide what to make from these wheels, so I just embroidered them. I'll admit, a little tough on the hands, not your average gentle needle arts.

Here's my embroidered wheels with famous bike quotes:

And finally, something I've wanted to do for ages - a yarnbombed blinged up high-nelly! Its not finished, it needs a skirt guard to complete it. I'm just wondering if its owner will be amused when I give it back...

The Kerry Bicycle Festival is fast becoming one of my favourite festivals. If you havent been to it, you have to, and if you have, you'll come back each year. I hope next year, we'll have some more bicycle shenanigans and high-jinks going on in Dingle again.

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