Monday, July 23, 2012

We had a Really Rather Very Good Time - Tiki Tiki style!

The car has just been unpacked, and packed again. I'm heading away on a road trip of sorts for a week or so. I thought I better get a blog post in before I get embroiled in another project.
The Really Rather Retro Romp Vintage Market and Disco took place last Saturday in McCarthy's Bar, Dingle. And PHEW! it was a long day and night, but a good one. I won't post all the pics here, you can see them either on Facebook  or on Flickr 

 The Vintage Market was FANTASTIC!! I know I'm biased, but it really was the most fun market I've ever had the pleasure of attending. We were a bit squishy in the back room of McCarthy's, with the place full to the brim of vintage themed goodies. But mostly it was just full of lovely, very good humoured people, and a steady flow of punters. A cracker of a day! Stall holders included Delia of Rockabilly Rose, Sarah of East 73rd, Fado Antiques, Designs by Kellymarie, as well as local collectors bringing out their vintage knickknackery, some beautiful stuff too!

 Then an hour or two of decorating, dinner in the lovely Goat Street Cafe with Tom McCarthy himself, and then it was disco time TIKI TIKI STYLE!! The photos came out crap. Its a difficult place to photo at the best of times, but I think we overdid the sunset lighting a bit much, the camera just couldn't take it. Anyone that follows me on Pinterest will have noted the obsessive tiki pinning that has been going on the past month.  Lots of inspiration! If we had had a budget, oh, the things we could have made. But as usual our budget was zilch, and everything was made from recycled or 'found' materials. But, we are now a fully self sufficient  RETRO ROMP machine, we do everything ourselves, from the decor to the DJing, the ultimate DIY DISCO! It was a proud night for us. But as usual we have to give thanks to McCarthy's Bar, the wonderful Tom, who just raises his eyebrows when we say what we want to do, and says go on then. To our helpers, Jana, Anthony, Maria, Ted, Hüseyin, Deirdre, Ciara, and more

 Gotta have party probs - ukuleles and pineapples...

our man Hüseyin on the coctails...

I didn't get the chance to photo the stuff I made in the pub, and because I have nowhere to store all the stuff I make, I now have a TIKI TIKI style toilet!!! My sons delighted though, because he helped design the tiki faces. I've done up a handy system of drawing tiki faces, which I'll blog about when I get home. But here's a few rough pics of what I made; signs, pretend totem poles, etc...

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