Saturday, February 25, 2012

Craft of the Honan Chapel and Textile Conference, Cork

I've been so bad at updating my blog; I forgot to write up about the latest Cork Textile Network Exhibition!!
Unfortunately it's over now so you can’t see it....but I'm sure it was very good....I submitted my hound lace piece, which, I thought would fit in with the Celtic Twilight feel of the Chapel.

If you have never visit, it is well worth it, in fact why not come down on the 3rd of March??

The 2012 Cork Textile Network Conference, takes place in UCC, and is more open and accessible to people with any kind of interest in textiles. This year you can buy a half day or day pass to the talks and lectures.

On Saturday 3rd March there will be talks by renowned textile artists including Matthew Harris, Elizabeth Brimelow, Amanda Gizzi. Speakers also include Eileen France on the ‘Cork Museum Lace Collection’, and Emer Fahy, ‘A History of Irish Quilts'.

 Harry Clarke, Stained Glass, Honon Chapel, Cork

“The Honan Chapel, in UCC, and its liturgical collection are products of the Irish Arts & Crafts Movement (1894-1925). The designers were searching for a new sense of Irish national identity on the threshold of political independence from Britain. This was expressed by looking back to the traditions of Celtic art and Hiberno-Romanesque architecture and blending them with contemporary tastes for Art Nouveau.” 

Textile Archaeologist, Libby Heckett, will give a talk on the Honan Textiles, while former director of the Hunt Museum, and current director of Cultural Projects at UCC, Virginia Teehan will give a talk on the Chapel 

Visit the CTN website or download a PDF of the brochure from here

Hope to see you there!!

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