Saturday, November 12, 2011

More Retro Romp (but a short one...)

OK, finally some pics from the Retro Romp up on Flickr!!

What a fantastic night! Great crowd, great music. Thanks a mill to everyone who came, especially those of you who got dressed up!! We will be putting on another night soon, but it probably wont be until next year. I forgot my flash, so I couldn't get decent photos of the crafty stuff we made. Next chance I get, I'll take some separate pics and post them then.

It was such a great project to work on. As I said in a previous post, its combines everything I love; music, crafts, people. It confirmed my belief we need to take crafts back. Every human culture has crafts interwoven into their customs. And sometimes I feel we are losing them, not just because they are undervalued, but because what we have, has become too precious and expensive.  I know everyone has to make a living, I do too, but it doesn't mean we have to have a class system for crafts. Its only by making it part of our everyday lives again, that people will appreciate it, and more willing to pay for it. We need to reclaim it from posh shops, the galleries, the museums and make them living crafts. Make it part of very event, every festival, part of everyday life.

I was very proud of the work we put in this night, the place looked fantastic, and we pretty much made it all ourselves, on a crap budget, with recycled materials. If it makes people see, the beauty you can create from simple materials and simple skills, its worth the effort.

"I half wish that I had not been born with a sense of romance and beauty in this accursed age".

One of my favourite quotes by William Morris, which I sigh on a daily basis.

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