Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Body and Soul Festival!

In the depths of a long dark winter, when summer feels like a long time away, I came up with an idea. A big idea, my biggest yet. In the Electric Picnic Craft Village, you can stroll around a lovely space, beautiful yurts and tipis, with interesting people doing lovely handcrafts, looking very eco-friendly and calm. And then there is me.

I turn up in my cheap plastic party tent from Woodies with my almost neon acrylic knitted bunting. I feel like a raspberry, a pretender to the calmness and eco-ness that is the spirit behind the Craft Village. I am always completely rushed, so my space tends to look a bit, well, thrown together. I only do one festival a year, so it didn't seem worth my while investing in a decent shelter, a van, and any number of useful things, festival going people usually have.

Then, I had the big idea, the notion I would I would make a new marquee. Crochet it in fact, Irish Crochet Lace, in Plastic... So I spent far to much time plotting, planning, and making samples. Much to the amusement of my weekly stitching group. The samples came out well, it could look fantastic, but....

The time slipping away, and now, ITS 4 WEEKS TO THE BODY AND SOUL FESTIVAL!! So, the plan to crochet the marquee is on hold, the sewing machine is out, and I have 4 weeks to perform a miracle. I am starting from scratch, I need everything; decorations, workshops to prepare, stock to sell, and marquee lining to try up my un-eco friendly, but yet, cheap and reliable party tent from Woodies... So, again, my space will look a bit thrown together, patchworked infact, but hopefully in a homely, sit down and have a cuppa kinda way. Well, sit down for a workshop and buy something kinda way! All monies are going towards.....a proper marquee.

So, I'm locking myself indoors, (I'm the only one enjoying the crap weather, I'm not getting sun guilt!), In fact I shouldn't be online even now, except I need to order supplies. I've been making loads of new stuff, new designs, new patterns, and have no time to blog, but prepare to be blitzed after the festival.


Doodle Daisy Crochet and felt design said...

it will be brillant you did a great shop last year, and introduced people to knitting and crochet who would normally have never do anything crafty.

Stitchlily said...

thanks Julie Anne. Yea, last year was funny, my display was crap, I pretty much had nothing, yet it was definately my busiest. Man, I was all talked out by the end of it!