Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Da Aunties Tea Cosy

I have finally done it! I finally made Da Aunties Tea Cosy. 2 years, and a few practice runs later, I finally got it together. (I made 2 because there are lots of Aunties, and when one sees it, I am bound to be asked to make another).

Materials used: Crochet edging (roughly 30"), Wadding, Scraps of real Irish Linen from Ulster Weavers. So, it is up-cycled, re-cycled, etc, etc...

I did 2 different edgings, I preferred the bottom one, but the top one ended up the better cosy. I did 2 rows of just dc, 1ch, skip 1 st, because I thought these would be easier on the sewing machine than using solid crochet. And there was no point doing a motif, if it was to be sewn in and not seen!

I tried 2 different ways of sewing the scraps of linen. It was very fine, so you would be able to see any selvage. I though I would prefer the double sewn edge, but ended up preferring the simple version.

Then, using the same method as the previous teacosy's, (using The Rusty Bobbins method), I made 2 very traditional, very Irish, and very Aunty-ish tea-cosies...


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Bionic Laura said...

Lovely. A real traditional design that I'm sure you're aunt will love. I love the photo of it posing with the teapot and jug. Very pretty.