Saturday, August 15, 2009

Scottish Wildcat Asssociation

I am not a great browser online, I rarely get the time, and it's not often I write on this blog about anything other than textile/design related stuff. But occasionally things crop up. I came across this and thought, that's interesting...well, only if you like cats, nature, saving species from extinction, etc, etc, it is...and I do.

Click here to visit the Scottish Wildcat Association

I don't live in Scotland, I have never seen a wild cat, but I am a big cat fan, and I love the Scottish accent, so here is my bit towards promoting a charity that is trying to save the Scottish Wild Cat. (Does it meow like Sean Connery?)

If you want more info, check out the website, if you want to donate, check here...

Here is the blurb about the cat:

Pound for pound the Scottish wildcat is one of the most impressive predators in the world; intelligent, fearless, resourceful, patient, agile and powerful they are genuine super predators and until as recently as the 1950s were believed to be man killers.

Surviving human persecution for five hundred more years than the British wolf and over a thousand more years than the British lynx or bear, they inspired and terrified the same Highland clans that defied the Roman and English empires. Today the wildcat continues to receive the respect of Highland farmers and gamekeepers, many of them happy to recount the tale of the wildcat mother killing herself to kill a golden eagle attacking her kittens, or stories from childhood of wildcats evading teams of watching keepers to snatch lambs from their father's fields.

Although wildcats look similar to domestic cats, these are no feral or farm cats run wild; they're Britain's only remaining large wild predator and have walked this land for millions of years before mankind arrived or domestic cats evolved. Every inch a cat in every sense of the word the Scottish wildcat epitomises the independent, mysterious and wild spirit of the Highlands like no other creature.

"They'll fight to the death for their freedom; they epitomise what it takes to be truly free I think."
Mike Tomkies

Here is the blurb about the charity

We are a new charitable organisation with the aim of conserving the unique Scottish wildcat. We hope to achieve this through an ongoing series of awareness campaigns about this charismatic feline, support of the official captive breeding-for-release program, in-the-field conservation work and through liaison and support of other organisations carrying out research and work conducive to the future of the wildcat in Scotland.

Our beautiful cat has never had a dedicated organisation to champion it's cause as one of the UK's most exciting wildlife species; only a disappointing fraction of the UK population outside of the Highlands are even aware of their existence. We aim to change that and involve people of all ages and interests in saving and protecting our last large land predator forever.

We are currently in the process of launching a series of conservation campaigns in association with some wonderful partners, sponsors and world leading experts; we're excited about the future now that the people of Scotland, the UK and the wider world finally have a voice and a direct say in the conservation of a species the world is far richer with than without.

Us, you and thousands more people, organisations and businesses all over the world; together we can save the Scottish wildcat!

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