Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Postman Cometh....with yarn and fibre from The Yarn Room

I've pretty much blown my budget for EP09, on the fibres and wools I will have on display. I spent rather too much time online last week in search of the 15 fibres that are being promoted: Alpaca, Camel, Coir, Flax, Jute, Ramie, Sisal, Abaca, Angora, Cashmere, Cotton, Hemp, Mohair, Silk, Wool. I have finally sourced nearly all of them. Some I have to cheat on, such as getting a ball of jute twine instead of the raw material, because I just couldn't find any suppliers in its raw state. Over the next few weeks as The Postman Cometh! I will give you details of the fibres, and where I got them.

The first package to arrive is from The Yarn Room. I have to admit I am very biased towards this yarn shop. I recently admitted to a friend that I had a fear of yarn shops. A bit strange for one with such an addiction. I feel intimidated because I have 4 major factors going against me. I'm always on a budget, never know what I want, I crochet and I don't make clothes.

Stephanie, who runs The Yarn Room, is the type of yarnie all other yarnies like to meet, and the only yarn shop owner I've met that didn't scare me. I met her first at The Irish Green Gathering, in a rain soaked field, and I knew I'd like this woman. One of the things Stephanie does, which in my books, earns her a medal, is stock a quantity of Irish brands of yarn. So many needle, hook and spindle yielding tourists are amazed at the lack of Irish yarn and fibre that is actually produced in Ireland. Some of the fibre used in making the yarn may not be 100% Irish, it could be mixed with merino, or may not be Irish at all, eg the Craftspun Camel yarn, but it is 100% processed in Ireland. Which is, I think, the nature of things these days. At least the mills are still up and running. Since I will be promoting the The Woolly Way of Ireland blog at the EP festival, and it's purpose is to promote Irish textiles, I thought it would be great to have a selection of Irish Yarns on show a the stand. Another aspect is the whole carbon footprint ethos, Buy Local! So, straight onto The Yarn Room website, I ordered one of each of the brands she stocks. I would love to have ordered more, but a budget is so-called because its, well a budget!

So, The Postman Cometh! today with my first yarn and fibre package. One ball or skein from each of the following: Alpaca of Ireland, Cushendale, Kilcarra, and Craftspun. (I got a skein of Kerry Woollen Mills yarn from the mills itself). And Stephanie, the gem that she is, not only promptly delivered my measly order, she threw in a bag of goodies that I could also use on my stand!

Lovely soft brown Irish Alpaca fleece,a sample of mulberry silk, samples of a wool/silk mix, and a ball of De Witte Engel felting wool.

Thank you Stephanie!
www.the yarnroom.com

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