Monday, June 15, 2009

WWKIP, pears, exhibitions and books

I went to the World Wide Knit in Public event, which was on in The Crafty Alley shop in Killarney on Saturday. It was lovely to get a few hours off, time to have a nice relaxing latte before going to meet some fellow..knitters. Well, I didn't bring my knitting, but my crochet of course! And I successfully made half a pear, while chatting continuously to ladies I have never met in real life before. Two I had met in our Munster group Shebeens, the only illegal pretend drinking den in Ravelry! It was a lovely afternoon, and hopefully we'll meet up again. The Crafty Alley is going to start a weekly knitting circle, and the two fellow Ravallers want to organise a monthly meet-up, which would suit me much better.I'm trying to learn how to use a sewing machine properly, and the pears are my first real project, where I'm making up the pattern. It took 3 goes at the pear before I could get the pattern right. Whereas one go at crochet, and it was done. God, I love crochet! I have some really ugly large cushions, with torn covers, and I've wanted to make something fun out of them for a while now. I'm going to make some large fruit-shaped cushions, and I want some sewn and some crocheted, as I dont have time to crochet them all. I tested my sewn pears on my toddler. As I made each one, I gave it to him and asked him"what's that?". If he gets the answer right, its right, so third time lucky! So we had a ball, then a ball, then a pear!! (He loves them, he won't go to sleep at night without his balls...crazy kid... I know he's going to hate anything to do with fabric and fibre when he grows up...)

As I mentioned before, I had a few pictures accepted into the online International Freeform Crochet Guild exhibition, but this year they are doing one for real. All the ones in the online exhibition were invited to send their piece into a real exhibition. Its at the The San Luis Valley Folk Arts and Fiber Festival. And this baby is winging its way to the States as we speak, to be part of the exhibition. Its exciting to have a piece in an exhibition with the likes of Myra Woods and Prudence Mapestone, the Queens of Freeform!!

This is a sneak preview of the pattern that has just been accepted into the Crochet Liberation Front's Third Ever Book. It's a Silly Monster Peg/Pin Bag. Once the book has been published, I'll put up proper pics, but for now, you'll just have to wait!! Thanks again to my merry little band of helpers who tested out the pattern for me.

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