Monday, June 8, 2009

World Wide Knit in Public Day

We got a great venue for the Kerry WWKIP day this year. We are meeting in The Crafty Alley, a craft shop in Killarney. They have just started doing yarn, and are possibly going to start a regular knitting group. So if you can get an hour free, come on over! We need to show them, and the rest of the world that knitting (and crochet!!) is alive and kicking in the South West!

Its also a great way of putting faces to avatars, meet people you have been chatting to in textile forums such as Ravelry...

All the details are on the WWKIP website, but here they are for you again, so you have no excuse!!

Location: The Crafty Alley Shop, 6B Scotts Street, Killarney
Time: noon-ish
Date: June 13, 2009
Hosted by: The Crafty Alley Shop

How to get there: Located on East Avenue Road at the Scotts Street development (Heatons and Peter marks). Carparking available beside and below the shop.

Please bring: Water, a chair, umbrellas, snacks, etc. Your knitting bits and bobs!

The backup plan is: If it rains dont worry as we will move into the shop to knit away!

This KIP is not knitting exclusive. So, please fellow crocheters, embroiderers, general stitchers, come along too...

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