Friday, May 1, 2009

World Fairtrade Day and other things

Saturday 9th May 2009 is World Fair Trade Day.
Although everyone knows and claims to be more Fairtrade and Organic these days, I realised this week just how hard it is to get stuff. I went shopping this week for some Fairtrade and Organic bits and bobs to put in the Fairtrade and Organic Swap I am doing, organised by the Dublin Knit Collective. I don't do many swop's, but I wanted to support this one. Okay, you can buy 'Green and Blacks' chocs, some bananas, coffee, etc, but what else? The Tralee Oxfam shop doesn't stock fairtrade goodies anymore, and I just couldn't think of anywhere else. I had to drive all the way to Kenmare to get my organic cotton yarn (see previous post!).

I am a crap consumer, I hate shopping, (except in hardware/garden shops, that's my main downfall, oh and books, yes, books too..anyway...). I rarely buy clothes, and if I do its usually 2nd-hand from the local charity shop. Food, I try to be as local and organic as I can. I am part of a local veg box scheme and am trying to grow-my-own. But its the other bits, presents, knickknack's, etc..that I just can't find. The only place is the Internet, which is too dangerous. (I'm a good Internet shopper...books and textile supplies).

So, what did I put in my swap? Some organic, fairtrade yarn and som
e choc of course!

The other things:

I seem to be a bit blank these days. If someone asks me what have I been doing, I can't think of anything. I know I've been busy, I'm always busy. But since the battery in my camera has all but died, I haven't been taking as many pics. As my short term memory has gone to hell, these are sometimes the only way I cam remember what I've been up to!

So here's a brief...

  • I'm having my first ever pattern published! It's going to be in the Crochet Liberation Front Book 2. Yes, the naughty one. will have more details when its published. For now its all hush hush....
  • Have just finished writing my second ever pattern for the Crochet Liberation Front Book 3. MM mm, yes, they will accept anyone....This is also hush hush....
  • Finally getting my handspuns washed and dried!
  • Got mentioned in the Kingdom County Fair blog! Dashy the dog has been doing well outta this, am frantically trying to think of something to make for this year...(Just realised I've been linked on their blog!). Since my Sackboy and Sackgirl never got officially released (damn you Sony). Thought the older generation mightn't approve, I think the Playstation-playing generation might...
  • Have been helping build a cob-oven at the local community Organic Garden. You can watch the very slow progress on YouTube. I didn't realise it would be on YouTube, until this week. They are planning on making a website, so I'll be watching my P's and Q's from now on, get the designer wellies out! For more info on the garden and the coursed run there, check out the Gortbrack Organic Farm website, as they run the courses there.
  • I've finally set up my Etsy shop, but it needs work, so I'll talk more about it when I'm happy with it
  • Joined twitter and facebook....God Knows Why?! I just go blank, and can't think of anything to say, which is very unlike me. Just because others said I should join.... Peer-pressure at my age!
  • Learning how to do Clones Lace, in preparation of my forthcoming weekend workshop
  • trying to take photos of stuff I've made in the past, and finally getting rid of it! It almost feels like The Ghost of Textiles Past. Its stuff I dreamed of making a life out of,making, designing, etc.. Could have, should have, would have but... So I'm getting rid of as much as possible. I need a new lease of life...
  • Finally have a picture of my Travelling Scarf!
Can't think of anything else...going mad because blogger is always messing with my font type and size!

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