Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Clear Out of the Doodle Box

Sometimes the best inspiration comes from a word, a thought, a doodle you jotted down years ago.

When I finished 2 very busy years at art college, I had to move out of my house fast (long story, not going there), I had to throw out nearly everything I owned, give away about 10 years worth of books, and it broke my heart. Since then I have become a hoarder. I have suitcases of photos stashed under my sons bed, I have boxes of pages, doodles, drawings, leaflets, that will someday be useful. I have heaving bookshelves everywhere.

Well, now all my yarn and textile equipment is taking over, and I need space. So, I'm doing a clear out of my doodle box, but I just don't want to throw some of these out. Some of these doodles took me hours, bring back happy memories of hang-overs and pretending to be working. As one collage said one day, I know your not working, I can smell the marker!

So, I've decided technology is going to help me out, and I am going to scan in all my doodles, so apologies if you get bored over the next month with daily updates of doodles as I clear out the boxes...At least I know where I can find everything. They are here!

These are sketches I took from various books on Folk Art in the library in Turku, Finland. There is something about Finnish design that really appeals to me. Well, I've kept these for over 7 years, they would want to!


Lauria @ Brackenbury Lane said...

These are not doodles.

They are art.

Seriously. I expected to see scribbled flowers and loopy loops, not folk art designs! Awesome!

Stitchlily said...

Thanks! What a lovely thing to say..Before the days of cheap photocopying (now I sound really old!), I used to get books out of the library, and write and draw all the stuff I wanted out of it.

My own personal doodles tend to be lines, dots, triangles, prob why I've alwasy been attracted to weaving...

Liason said...

i was thinking the same thing as the commenter above; those sketches would look beautiful framed. i LOVE it when people utilize libraries in this way; did you see the Design By the Book series that Design Sponge did with the New York Public library? If not, have a look here, I think you will appreciate it. (There are four parts, so scroll down to watch from the begining)