Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Etsy Dream!!

I've been humming and hawing about this for a while. I love Etsy, theres nothing like it for finding patterns, and inspiration, the courage to do the things you're afraid the people around you might hate/think is mad. I love Ravelry, but sometimes I get a bit bogged down with all the wool, and love looking at the illustrations, posters, and other trinkets on Etsy. My apologies if if you haven't heard of either of the above, I'm new enough to blogging to know how it feels when you haven't a clue what they're on about.So, I've put appendages/appendices what ever they're called, below for links and explanations.

I'd love to have an Etsy shop, but what would I sell, will I have the time, will I be able..? I'm not the settling down kind of gal, I can't make the same thing over and over again. I have a horror of repetition, I cant make socks because there's two of them, I hate jumpers because, well, the front, the back the sleeves, so pretty much most of it. I did try knit a jumper last winter, but that was when I discovered I was knitting plain stitch wrong, hence my aversion to knitting. I have been practising though, those Innocent Smoothie hats have been great for getting my knitting practise in. So, I don't feel as bad about knitting as I used to. I have started to learn how to write patterns, I could sell those, but its hard. Especially coming from someone who hates following patterns.My craft addiction is starting to take over my life and definitely my pocket, with no monetary rewards. I don't think I can take the pain of telling my boy when hes all grown up I spent his child allowance on wool, and books, and posting Travelling Scarfs back and forth across Europe. I don't thing he'd appreciate it...
Now I've taken the Handmade Pledge, its really gotten me thinking about the whole situation. So, I've decided to take it one step further. Not only am I now only allowed to buy handmade, I am now taking the pledge that I have to earn it to spend it. To keep going I need to become a seller. So, yes, I am going to open my own Etsy Shop. I've had some wonderful banners designed, and now all I need is something to sell... There's nothing up yet, so don't bother looking yet (I know you weren't going to bother, it just felt good to think I might have someone interested, in fact there probably isn't even a you, who's reading this!!)

So, here's my new fancy smancy banners. Big thanks to Adam of Majassive Designs, (the poor lad had to sieve through this blog looking for inspiration), check out his Etsy shop
Now I have to get off this darn computer and start making things to sell!
Heres a link to my empty Etsy shop
(apologies links not working at the mo for some reason, will fix!)

Etsy is a large online shop where everything is handmade. Where people like me can sign up to buy and sell handmade items, without website costs, its like Ebay without the bidding. If you've taken the hand-made pledge, this makes life a lot easier!

Ravelry is the huge textile community, though its mostly knitting and crochet. A haven for finding like-minded wooliness.

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Izabela said...

you definitely need an etsy shop, I hope everything goes well and soon you will have some items listed and sold quickly there...

and by the way: thank you so much for sharing those great hat patterns!
must try!