Thursday, October 16, 2008


So, guess what new thing I've made!

No, its not another Sackboy/Sackgirl, although there are still a million possibilities to be explored there. Instead I've made a mask for Sackboy. I saw Sackzilla, a picture on Flickr and just had to have a go at making it! I was in a rush and just glanced at the pic, then plonked down on the couch, and started to crochet. As usual I didn't have the right coloured wool, and didn't want to head upstairs to get some green wool for fear of waking the child. (I have become to love, no need, no DEMAND, this child-in-bed, on the couch, crochet in one hand, alcohol in the other, crap TV, evenings). ((No I'm not an alcoholic, I do try keep to my allowed, well just over, my allowed daily units)).

I think a scientific study should be done into why it is easier to crochet while watching crap TV. If I'm crocheting and not watching TV, I'm concentrating too much and make mistakes. If I watch good TV, hard enough to do with RTE, but if occasionally TG4 has something decent on, I make mistakes because I'm watching the telly, and not concentrating enough. But judging by the latest IG Nobel Prizes, it could be a sound scientific study. This years IG winners include studies on Armadillos in Archaeology, Ovulating Lap-dancers, and my personal favourite, Spontaneous Knotting of an Agitated String. So, my theory is perfectly in keeping with these. (Do these people actually get paid to do this kind of research, no wonder we're in recessionary times).

As Wendy said in Peter Pan, it was "her breathing time", when the Lost Boys were all asleep and she could relax and darn socks. Though if anyone has ever darned boys smelly socks, I'll doubt if they will agree about that being relaxing. So I started making it with red wool. It looked awful in red, so I did a search of the sitting room and found a ball of green behind the chair and started again. For some reason I thought it was a crocodile. Then a day later, halfway through making it and another quick glance at Flickr and I realised it was some sort of dinosaur. Well, Sackzilla, I should have guessed. So, its a mutant crocodile/dinosaur, which by all accounts is keeping within the spirit of the actual game. Of course I under-estimated how much wool I would need, and since I always make things in the evening, not when the wool shop is open, I had to resort to using another shade of green. This was found much easier than the first ball of green, upstairs, in daytime and daylight. So here's my mutant two-toned Croczilla Mask for Sackboy!!

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