Saturday, September 13, 2008

What I did on International Crochet Day

I have to admit, I did less Crochet on International Crochet Day than I would normally do, on a normal day.

The three suggestions I put on my blog were:
  • Crochet in public: I did crochet in public, but it just so happened to be a very quiet walkway in Fenit

  • Teach someone to crochet: I'm starting my toddler off early. He'll probably end up hating me for it...
  • Promote International Crochet Day in your blog: This I can say I did. I even ran a small giveaway. And was very pleasantly surprised to see not only did one person enter it, but several!!

Here's what happened...
As usual I leave everything to the last minute, and I had to prepare stuff for a friends Art class that I was covering on Saturday. I knew what I wanted to do, but when I went to make the stuff, my head went all fuzzy and slow, so things didn't work out the way I wanted it to. I decided to just concentrate on doing something with the kids in the form of green and yellow, the Kingdom Colours in honour of the up-coming Gaelic Football Final. Of course, I get my dates wrong, and think its this Sunday, which it isn't. I don't know any of the players, and don't even know who Kerry are playing against. Thus is my interest in all things GAA. I had to hope the kids don't ask detailed questions. In fact they didn't, just informed me I got my dates wrong, but it meant more time to make stuff to hang in the window, on the car, in the garden, etc.. So, that was ok. They are big into football down here. I have an excuse, I'm not from here... I'm a Dub, and we're not expected to know much about GAA.

It is the way of things in Ireland that most people outside of Dublin say they hate Dubs. Why? I don't think they even know themselves. Dublin is like a foreign country to most non-Dubs, its fast and furious, full of evils like drink and drugs and criminals. (As if they're not in every town and village these days). All they use Dublin for is Croke Park, and the occasionally ferry or flight out of the country. I think it kills a few of them to have the mecca of GAA in the heart of the Northside badlands.

Then they announced the Crochet liberation Book is finally out, so I had to blog about that, email a few people, write Yippees on Ravelry, and then I got panicked. The article that I wrote for it, that the Fearless leader, cough..(shes not using that title in the book, might scare people), Founder of the CLF, said was funny. The article about growing up in Ireland and crocheting through adolescence. I couldn't remember what I wrote. I sent it off, and really didn't expect much to happen, then when it got all fired up, and going, I realised, I couldn't remember what I had written, couldn't remember if or where I had saved it on my computer. What if I wrote something I wouldn't want my mother to read! So, I did a big search on the PC, found it, then gave it to my boyfriend to read, thinking the worst. (I did call him a geek in it). I'll come across as the biggest fool, and have just embarrassed myself to the entire Crochet Nation. . But, he gave it the thumbs up, so phew...I'm not completely a complete idiot.. I had to have a beer after that, as I said I didn't get that much crochet done..


Zuleika said...

I didn't know about International crochet day until the day before it. I got a little crocheting done and promoted the CLF book, but that's about it. I have a pattern in the book, and I can't wait to read your article! :-) You must be as nervous as I am!

Stitchlily said...

I heard about ICD the week before, just spurned into action. Next year I think we'll be a bit more organised. I'm really excited and nervous about the book. Posting to Ireland is expensive, so I'm working to get someone to stock it here.