Thursday, September 18, 2008


Here is my first attempt of making Sackboy, the Sony PlayStation character that's about to storm the world. Yes I know he's the wrong colour, but I thought I'd have a go at making him out of what I had, rather than going out and buying wool and a zip. I'm happy enough with this fella, but there's a few things that I'd change. His mouth should be bigger for a start. Anyone else got any suggestions of what I should do? Sometimes its hard to notice the little things, when you've made something.

I'm not really into these kind of games, but I love the look of this one, as everything in his world looks handmade. Looking at a few of the clips already released, I reckon it would be easy enough to make the sets as well. I can see mum's, wives and girlfriends all over the world have their son's, husbands and boyfriends finally appreciate their crafty talents. I've already heard of the menfolk asking their missus's to make them sackboy's....


Susanne Iles said...

As a self professed gamer nerdette I applaud you from the bottom of my heart. Your Sackboy is brilliant! (and adorable)

SallyF said...

doh - i wish you could bring him over to Manchester to join us for this
sackboy rocks, you've done him proud! sackgirl next?

Lesley said...


I think he is just perfect. May I please ask you to email me, as I really need to try and make one of these and I am having no luck at all at finding a pattern.

I would be so grateful.

Anonymous said...

its a wonderfull sackboy, i wish you could mail me because i wanna make one and is the best model of little big planet it could be a beautiful give

waiting for and answer