Thursday, September 4, 2008

Finally, Electric Picnic

Its been a whirlwind! From the last few days of preparation, packing, travelling, setting up, working, take down, travelling, and finally home. My head still hasn't stopped spinning. It will probably take me some time to organise myself and my pics. There are so many great photos out there of the festival, I'm not going to show myself up as most of mine are wobbly and blurred. Here are a few...

My Electric Picnic Tool Box

Finally arriving at

The Greencrafts area was in the Walled Garden. there was a lovely atmosphere, and a nice range of crafts to look at. With our own sexy cafe, and cider tent, the garden was almost complete...

Greencrafts Labyrinth by day and night

Amazing structures

Crafts at the Electric Picnic

Tablet weaving

Inkle-loom weaving and spinning

Crocheted Coral Reef

I'd just like to say thanks to my helpers, the organisers and everyone I chatted to for making it a fantastic weekend. The sunshine definitely helped, but it would have been great in the mud as well....

We got a fantastic response to the Crocheted Coral Reef, I think (hope) quite surprised many people who haven't seen how textiles has been progressing these days. Especially from people who had dived among various reefs around the world. A few people had even heard of or seen the exhibition in the Hayward Gallery in London, and were interested in the whole aspect of textiles, and crochet as a medium for raising awareness, as well as being a great craft to work with.

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