Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Wool-Winder from Heaven

I have a pet hate of balls of wool. I know that sounds silly for someone immersed in wooliness but I really hate having to tug the wool, while I'm working. Then the ball rolls under the couch and picks up bits of Toddler and Cat. Not to mention Toddler running off with it and pulling out stitches, or Cat playing with it, and yes, pulling out stitches. I find it interrupts the rhythm of what ever I am making at the time. Even working off a cone, drives me nuts..

I used to have a wool winder, but it got lost between my various moves, and I've missed it so much. So, instead of moaning all the time, a new(ish) wool winder arrived, courtesy of EBay yesterday. And I am in wool winder heaven. How can such a small mechanical device give such pleasure? (Don't answer that, it could sound ruder than its supposed to be). Not only did it arrive, but it was lovingly wrapped in soft white fleece to protect it from its journey. Thank you credit card, thank you EBay, I am finally getting to use all those super thin cones of wool I rescued from the charity shop. Beautiful wool, but so thin, it would be impossible to make anything from them. I tried winding by hand, but that was just masochistic.

And no more Toddler and Cat bits to pick out. The winded ball, with two flat sides sits by my side and doesn't roll, tangle or knot, it just pulls smoothly from the centre, to create a smooth relaxing flow of wool. And my sanity is saved.

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