Monday, July 21, 2008

Felted Hyperbolic Crochet

This is my first attempt at felting one of my hyperbolic planes.

Side A:

I used 100% Aran wool for every 4 rows, then in every 5th row, I used a synthetic fluffy wool. I kept all the sticky-out bits on the A Side, and the B Side is quite smooth. (I must learn the proper terminology for describing my work). I followed all the advice I could find, put it in a pillowcase, wash with clothes to help the agitation, etc. It worked great, but what I didn't expect was for something to run in the wash and my peach creation to come out the other side of blue/grey. But, that's experimentation for you. I think the thing to do, is to just crochet lots of little samples and chuck them in the machine, and see what happens.

B side:

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