Sunday, July 27, 2008

Colour Blending

As I said, since the arrival of my wool winder, I've gone a bit mad colour blending. These are sample cards of the blends I made for the Mad Hat competition. although they look very similar, I used different threads in each, so when crocheted there was a difference in the overall look.

This is the first batch I made:

When crocheted it looked like this:

This is what the front side looked like, but I found that when crocheted, the back actually blends more. The difference is very subtle, but to me the back looks better. Its the same if you crochet with fluffy wool, the fluff tends to come out more on one side than the other. I like the back of crochet, and tend to use it more when making coral.

This is my second batch:

This is the batch I used for my Mad Hat.
Again, I think the back blended in more, and gave it a bit more texture

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Sara said...

The colours and texture looks great together, just the kind of thing I like Can't wait to see the finished hat!