Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Big Smoke

I've decided to take a day and night off and travel up to Dublin to see the Technothreads exhibition that's on in the Science Gallery, Trinity. These exhibitions are so rare, I thought I have to travel up and give it my full support. The fact there is an end of exhibition party that I have two tickets for is a good enough excuse. I am going on my own, so I decided to offer up my spare ticket on Ravelry. I'm hoping to do the Pimp My T-Shirt workshop as well. Last year I bought 3 sets of electronic sewing kits, but haven't figures out how to use them. I think this workshop is using the idea. Also, while I'm there I hope to see the Rembrandt Etchings exhibition that's on in the Chester Beatty Library. My FAVOURITE museum! I'll be okay as long as I can keep out of the gift shop. I love that shop.....

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