Saturday, May 18, 2019

Tiki Tiki!!( again)

 I've done a few posts already about my love for Tiki designs. Its been one of my most popular posts ever, here on my wee blog. (See here!). So when the theme of this years Feile na Bealtaine parade was announced, as 'Masks', I knew immediately what I wanted to do.

For a few years now, I have worked with the local boy's school here in Dingle, designing and making their Feile parade costumes and props. I thought the theme of Tiki masks would suit the boys down to the ground.
I had a lovely space to work in, so for once my house didn't turn into a sweat shop. And as usualy I made everything our of cardboard and recycled material. I think everything should be recycled in this day and age, so, even though it can be harder to produce good quality props, I will only use recycled materials.

So, about 30 salvaged cardboard boxes, 10 old duvet covers, donated paint, a few hours put in by the boys, the teachers, and lots and lots of hours by myself, and my helper Mairead, we managed to produce a range of props, to fit 48 boys!

The weather was glorious, which always makes it much easier! As usual, I didn't take much photos, because I was too engrossed in the actual event, but I did get this nice wee video.

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